Anyone goin(subject to ***** rain),seeyou there,cheers kev…:slight_smile:

Yep, subject to weather :slight_smile:

I might be persuaded… :smiley:

yah i should be about

im hopefully making an appearance, been a while since i got out! :crying:

I think I might come out to play.

Weather permitting and me finding the way there, it will be my maiden voyage.:smiley:

i`l be there on me mop-head :wink:

Wooop!! :smiley: xxx not see you since, well, august!?

should be there about 5:45

not 5:46?

you’'re right the bike needs gogo juice:D

I’m planning on leaving the cage at home for a change and riding to work tomorrow so I should pass by after work before heading to the Ace :slight_smile:

Chaos and I may make an appearance :slight_smile:

I also plan on riding in to work tomorrow so might bring a couple of newbies along unless they decide they want to go to the ace instead but I will try to get them along.

I’m going to pop up on the Blandit I reckon…don’t take the preverbial too much now, remember it’s my work tool…:smiley:

I’ll try to make it for 7ish. :slight_smile:

It’ll be a flying visit, though - moving house next week, and I’m on packing detail tomorrow.

Yep,should be there too:D

woohoo!! party! :):smiley:

i’ll pop down to drop off the PB mags… i’ll leave em with one of the V-Twin crew to hold on for ya 5150 … :cool: