BMM: Please Read!

Change of Plans!

We’re in negotiations with Borough Market themselves over the use of the bays we’ve been using up until now for our meet, and whilst talks are still underway, we need to park on the opposite side of the ride to where we’ve been, so outside the pub and sausage shop! We’re trying to resolve an outstanding issue they’ve had with accidents involving bikes (not LB) in their bays. By us doing as they request we stand a better chance of resolving this. Please help us to help you!

Please park on the left hand side of the road! Anyone parking in the market bays will be kindly asked to move over.

From the 18th April.

Don’t worry, we’re trying our best to sort this quickly and amicably, your co-operation is appreciated

Sorry to say, jay but that aint gonna work out well.

I point out, on the first week of the meet after every1 (stall holders) are packed up the rubbish lorry came through and then had to back up and turn left at the pub, the bikes are gonna be in the way for the lory if park where you say, so check if the rubbish lorry does that all the time.

Wot was the prob parking where did anyway? all the stalls are were closed when i got there, about 8.30.

This isn’t the reason, but the lorries need to pull into the bays to navigate the left-turn you mention, so being outside the pub shouldn’t be a problem, as long as we don’t go right up to the corner edge. If we do, well, I wouldn’t like to be that end bike

This has come about because BM have an issue with bikes in the bays due to a couple of insurance claims they have going through right now from bikers, which is unfortunate of course, but because it’s private property, we are complying with their request right now, whilst carrying on talks to try and resolve it, give assurances, etc. We think it’s in our best interest to be co-operative now and retain friends there.

There’s always little issues to work through at new meets, and BM is no different it seems! We’ll find a happy medium, I’m sure. It’s a great venue, and we’re a good bunch who make no trouble. There’s a few options if things don’t work well with us relocating to the pub side. We’ll play it by ear and see how things progress mate.

The lorries do have to turn left at the pub - but so do the arctic’s, its actually easier for them to swing out to the right before turning left and as long as no-one is parked right at the end it will work out better for them!!

my only concern (same as frith street) is that all those people outsde the pub are going to be very close to the bikes and walking between them, not giving a to55 if the hit/knock them and damage my/your bikes!! I’ll see what its like tomorrow - but if i am right, i won’t be coming on the bike anymore - so that means i’ll miss a lot of meets!!

We’re aware of that concern Sean. We should have enough room to stay away from the pub.

sean, i cant see it being that way for long! as Jay say’s, they are in talks with BM management about it! complying with their requests for now will keep them happy until the issue is sorted!!

and who is gonna walk near your bike??? especially with your ugly mug sat on it!!!

Ah i see now, though i thought the bin lorry also picked up a bin past the turning too then reversed to do the left.

Carry on the ggod work, m8.


No Problem there …

Theres plenty of room and if it rains we just walk over to the other side anyway, as for the people outside the Boozer, I cant see there being a crush, we can always park up just short of it to keep everyone happy.

Tickerty Boo !!

Nice one for sorting the communication Jay, on both sides, it is very important that we talk with the owners of BM and we comply with their requests, however strange, it sets us up with a better position for later.

There is quite a lot of room on the left hand side before the pub, although when the bin lorry comes I dont want them mistaking the cat for a bin, so might not be parking it near them…!

chufster does valet parking if that helps?


Oooo don’t he look young? That is a special Limited Edition Lowered Monster by the way…

One Finish owner…

Let’s hope we can get this sorted!

‘mechanically lowered’, or ‘rear shock collapsed’?

Something like that…

Not such a bad move… Much closed from he bangers

someone had their bangers out? sweet

You’d be lucky JB!

Please folks to remember that if we are to keep this venue that we will all have to behave. This will mean you will have to go out of a one way street correctly, strictly no excessive revving as there is a very posh nosh restraunt within the market, no wheelies, stoppies or burnouts. We all really need to behave ourselves and it is upon oursleves to be self moderating if this happening.

Sorry if this seems to be a nag however, I love this venue and I love seeing you guys there.

WE need to be careful that people AREN’T blatting fumes intot eh sausage shop whilst people are eating so any suggestions on that score…believe me, Sausage Shop dude, has been there a lot longer than we have and complaints from him about our activities inlcuding smothering his clientele in nasty “biker” fumes whilst they enjoy their luxury organic healthy suasages will have far more clout with the BM management than us two-weekers… Its not just the sausage shop neither, summer means pubbers are outside, and us coating them in our fumes ain’t gonna be popular.

Not tryin to be a kiljoy, just pointing out potential sticky wickets ahead of time so we can try and avoid more issues rather than create them…

that’s a very good point Toby…

Making me nervous now about turning up!..

I’ll try and coast in!

Don’t worry about it mate, we’re just natural worriers