BMM (28/10/2009)

I’m going BM tonight seeing as its good weather, anyone else;)

I will be there:D

Me too! :slight_smile:

not today

I’ll be there and on the bike again :smiley:

As usuall, i’ll be at the Chiswick Car Wash around 6:15pm and will take off soon after. Anyone want to join on the ride up?

this is definite must see :stuck_out_tongue:

will be there from 6ish…

what time? :smiley:

Im working till 10 so i wont be there…

yehhhhhhhhh! :smiley:

heard that before :Whistling:

I’ll be there on my new toy. :slight_smile:

About 6.30/6.45 :wink:

Oooooohhhh it sounds just like a hot date!

Gonna have a pootle up if i can get out of work sharp… Coffee shop still open or have they gone onto the winter timetable?

I will be there on a bloody loaner:D Turns out my ECU has been playing up and they need to keep it over night to fix it. So come say hello to the ER5 in Champagne with no speedo:w00t:

Quick Jay bring the 1000 HD MegaPix 3D Camera!! :w00t: :smiley:

will you be wearing a mask?

PJ but ofcourse you’ll be in your full Ducati clothing yes? :smiley:

You mean like he usually does?!? :wink: :stuck_out_tongue: