BMM 14th

Anyone playing out tonight??:smiley:

Dunno about playing, but I’ll be down at BMM tonight as should WillS (though he’s confined to public transport)

me and sharon should be there


Yes for a little while - I won’t be out long I have a tasty shepards pie waiting for me at home

Going to try and pop by on my way home from work thats if the boss lets me out a bit early :slight_smile:

so if anyones still around after 8 pm look out for me and my tuono

hope to see you all later Dan :slight_smile:

I’m aiming for about 8pm ish too :slight_smile: See you later :cool:

Not for me tonight.

Nor me…

sorry…not me


I’m gonna pass tonight:)

Nor me tonight

same here… my turn to cook tonight :D;)

We need an inside venue folks…

Great company, but even though it wasn’t that cold tonight, standing around for an hour or two was NOT PLEASANT.

How about the coffee shop ? They have enough space for 10 or 12 people downstairs plus there will always be a few who will stand outside ?

It’s not really warm in there as the front is open. I posted a more comprehensive answer in another thread - can’t be ar*ed to re-type it, lol.

to be honest it was a bit too cold to be standing there last night, maybe we should try inside