BMF Saturday

Anyone going?

I am going to Snetterton on Sunday so I can only go on Sat, just wondering if anyone else was going.

Thinking about going on Sunday… anyone else?

I’ll be up for it Sunday.

Ive been going for about 5 years and last year it was really crap, so i wont bother this year.

same here …

I’ll be up there on the Membership stand with Sunny as usual, so come and say hi to us if you’re passing!

luv to but bikeless at moment,if i get loan bike before weekend will see ya ther

Fingers crossed then. I’d offer to lend you mine but you’ve got two hopes, and one of those is Bob!

Seriously though, it would be nice to see you back on two wheels ASAP.

S xx

BMF Is that “Big Muddy Field”?

Probably at the rate the weather is going this week. But surely that will bring more punters - the thought of ladies in a mud bath?!

PS. I don’t care as I’m staying in a hotel this time around

Bl@@dy Moronic Federation?