BMF Peterborough

You could join the 3 of us in the car

Im going on Saturday by bike… dad on his and a few m8s in their car…

Well I’m headin up from Romford way on Sunday so if anyone wants to join me let me know :D:D

is anyone going by bike on saturday??

I am but im going uber early…

By car Sunday, anyone recognise me say hi.

:Dme and lee will be there sunday, need new boots

I will probably go on the Sunday - Any ride-out happing for this?

Scratch that - i see there’s a rideout going from Ace? Anyone here going for that? If so, would like to meet up with some london bikers as i’m new to the community and haven’t met anyone?

gunna go on the bike tomorrow me thinks? Leaving from A 406 area if anyone fancys it!

Going to go sunday also. Didn’t end up going today, may go from the ace also but i think the missis is gunna come so i will be two up. If u wanna meet let me know. I will be on a black VFR, i will put up my moible if your goning to go!

I’ll be there tomorrow. :slight_smile:

Rixxy - send me a pm with your number - would be good to meet up with a london bikers member.

Either way- i’ll look out for a black VFR - i’m on an 09 plate Blue FZ6 S2 Fazer

Did we miss a trick, but where were the bike bits?

Found lots of clothes, boots, gloves etc… but where were the bits?

no wheelie bar for you then:D

All I saw was indicators, tyres and exhausts…no bits:w00t:

oh and gloves, boots, clothes, leathers, radiator covers, downpipes, bouncy castle, wall of death, food stalls, coffe and HOT CHOC:w00t: stalls, but no bits for dlchatel’s bike:blink:

I saw some bits behind the wall of death - far far behind.

oh and OMG we got drenched on the way up!

It was a bit wet on the way up wasn’t it, but we stayed dry in the car!

You would have if you’d seen me changing into those leather trousers in the middle of the tent! :smiley: