Whos coming?

Me. 17:30-18:00

Not me too far

and guess what it will be dark!

Me + friend from about 6:30pm - Robert wait for me, don’t bugger off too early!

Will do, I received team orders so I will leave at 19:30ish.


I’ll be in London for the first Wednesday for about 5 months, so will make it unless I get dragged to the pub :slight_smile: (even then, I’ll try make it for 7ish)

Yay! Will be nice to see you again hun. :smiley:

Will see you guys there about 6ish :slight_smile:

about 5:45-8 for me. longer if the conversation is worth putting up with the cold :stuck_out_tongue:

i would have come if i had bikes to ride there :crying:

Hi nic
You are going to have to go out in the dark at some point

I guess, but now you got me worried,about PIN’S hanging about in dark places.

Upto no good.

Not me. In a pub. Pissed.
Have fun, will be there next week :smiley:

Well, everything took longer than I thought, so was gone 8 when I was done :frowning:

Good to see everyone!!

Good to see you to :slight_smile: and everyone else. Ally you have to loose this plastic thing! I feel sorry for you walking around all the time :frowning:


ps. forgot to mention rixxy that your bike sounds like … (no reasonable pl-en translation)