BM Wednesday 11th May

Had the bike serviced on Saturday, and the idle speed is running too high, anyone going to BM on Wednesday who can help?

Take it back to where you had it serviced and get them to do it :wink:

nope gonna go ace x


Me too.

Will Flats and Steve Wright be there, round 2? :w00t: :w00t:

Should be able to help if I’m there… :wink:

What bike is it?


Thank you for your offer of assistance, but I got the manual out, and it was a 1 minute job to fix, as I thought it would be.

See you on Wednesday

will be there :cool:

Bring a paddling pool with you, and some baby oil :hehe:

You forgot the baked beans , or was that a different conversation !!

I think we should get down and dirty with some mud! :w00t:

Cool - we’ll get a hose sorted too - make sure the water is freezing cold :wink:

bakedbeans!>? Mud!? or Oil!?..oh the choices!:w00t:

oh yeh, and i might appear at BM, we see init.

Think I’ll stick to BM if it means avoiding some Boy love between Flats and Steve ! :smiley:

I might bring my new Ducati up for a blast…If I can be asked :slight_smile:

I’ll be there for a celebratory burger as my landlady is heading back to her other country of residence! :smiley:

Hurrah!!! I see a BBQ on the horizon!!!

I’ll be there, 6ish early doors…

Yup a BBQ is on the horizon, the thing is to find a time! :smiley:

Not me im afraid, picking my mum up from gatwick, firat shes been over in 4 yrs!

See You All About 7pm ish