BM Tonight

Well be gentle to the BM newbie.

I’ll be on a bicycle as part of my fitness regime and can have a drink.

everyones very gentle! im leaving work about 5:15 so i’ll be there from about quarter to 6

Think I’ll pop down on the way home and say hi since it’s been a long long long time since I made it last. Now being in Canary Wharf will try and come along more often.


Hey girl, stop thinking about yourself. You have baking to do and a bus to catch! honestly, some people!:blink:


Ps, with you better really!:kiss:

Bike is in garage at mo, ready on Friday, so won’t be about tonight. But riding on Sunday and about next week 31st!!


There’s a chippy nearby in absence of cookies

Hels Bels

I still can’t come. :frowning:

Really really really really really want to come. But I’m still Mod 2-less and bike-less. Bloody SV’s are selling like hotcakes, they get exchanged for wonga with dealers before I can even call to check if it’s there for me to come look at! Infuriating!

I’ll be at BM some day, mark my words! :slight_smile:

Ahhh sadly not…my cookies are a very very poor substitue for Ally’s…and her shortbread is…well…amazing!

well it started to rain and I’m cycling home so the drown rat look makes me annoying.

whats wrong with coming on the bike you’ve got now?


Good to see y’all!:w00t:

That was a nice ride home…NOT!!! i got absolutley soaked on the A13:angry:
And don’t you just hate it when you discover your gloves colour has come off on your hands!:doze:
Still was a good night and thanks to everyone for cheering me up and giving me lots of hugs:D

I didnt get wet at all apart from when i was getting food.

Good to see everyone, worth the wet ride home. PJ, can you clean my bike since it’s filthy and you’re the don. :wink:

Just to say it was good to see eveyone tonight and the traction control works just fine:w00t:

glad i fell asleep! i would have got vewy wet:D

Good tom meet you all last night, see you soon by which time my gloves should have dried!

Had a lovely time seeing all you guys. I haven’t seen some of you since the xmas party so it was lovely to catch up. Although it wasn’t a late night, all that excitement yesterday has made me a little tired today.

Mixed feelings about yesterday, seeing all you guys on your bikes made me miss my bike :ermm: but then again it lashed it down and I was home, warm and dry :D:P.

Sorry to cut last night so short, my knee was hurting which is a sure sign of rain :wink:
Was good to see some of you that I haven’t for a while FBP and Lou