BM tonight?

The ice on my street is clearing - starting to look a bit more promising.

Just been to my garage to start the bike and what do you know, dead as a door nail:w00t: no BM for me tonight, will have to put optimate on first thing in the morning:angry: probs see you all next week then:)

It’s okay Rob, you don’t need to lie if it’s too cold out!


got mine started, its been sitting for nearly a week!:w00t: quick run to the bank and shops and im bakc home, its too cold, the side roads are slushy/icy still so me thinks i miss BM this week:D

End of the road looks the same Al, i aint going anywhere near the bike ya crazy fool!

Only stayed at BM for 10mins, no-one was there, and the coffee shop was closed - so I thought nuts to it!

Got home and that icy road was worse. The spot of rain we had smoothed of any grip I may have had. Was the worse 100m push of my life. Sidis and tyres with no grip.

The only thing gripping was my sphincter… :ermm:

This was my road this morning - still f**ked



i was there but no1 else was :frowning:
apart from a guy on a pizza bike, delivering pizza to the pub