BM tonight?

might make an appearance to BM tonight!!!
Will be my first time so be kind :slight_smile:

ill be the dude with the massive mohawk! so say hi



If I can get the bike along the road without dropping it then yes, I’ll be there. First time also.

Lol - Like a fool I brought the bike in today.
(Had to push it to the end of my icy road first though)

Not sure yet, I’ll wait and see how the weather goes…

Coffee, White, 1 sugar :wink:

Ps. Park your bikes outside the Ginger Pig by the columns (if you havent been there before.

I am supposed to be on a works drinks tonight in Windsor so i doubt i will be there. Besides my poor bike is still in the dealers, oh and that fact its frigging frozen out there and dangerous :stuck_out_tongue:

Stay warm if you do go and good luck.

Yep, chances are pretty slim to nothing at the moment. But never say never, let’s see how the day goes!


Bike is under covers and won’t be coming out. Enjoy losing your cherry! :wink:

My cherry popping days are over :wink:

The thought of a nice hot coffee in that weather excites me now! lol

You no longer a manwhore??

What’s happened to the badboy? I read a post that it was filthy and covered in oil, that must’ve been painful for you. I tell you what, since I’m such a nice guy and it’s coming upto xmas, we can swap bikes when yours comes out from the dealers. :wink:

lol - Still a ManWhore… all the way to the bone :wink:

I very much doubt that I’d be down there.

pussy’s, I’ll be there:w00t:

You dirty oldman!! :P:P

not got there myself yet wont get there this side of crimbo sorry would like to see you all soon hopefuly

ride safe

not likely…

i cant get my van out the close, let alone the bike !!

I’d rather deep fry my testicles than risk damaging me or the bike!! Is it really worth it guys???

get the tube guys :smiley:


Are you saying that doing it won’t damage you then:hehe::hehe::hehe:

**Bm in the cold brrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr not fugging likely:P

They’ll look like those Wasabi Peas Ricky! :hehe:

I’m already by Chancery Lane, so BMM is just 5mins away. Still, like I said, let’s wait for the weather…

Pouty, you should have done what I did this morning… push it to the end of the road! lol:hehe: