Just a reminder that it is wednesday today even thou it dont feel it, borough market meet.

are you gonna show your face tonight i will be

would come if i knew how to get there lol

Cross London Bridge going south(away from civilisation I know) at the third set of lights turn right and then immediate right into Borough Market,very very easy really:D

i dont even know how to get to london bridge!!!

I’ll be there.

Have you lost your memory then?..I’ve seen you there quite a few times :wink:

yeah but i always come with others…

Stace, I can meet you at the Ace if you like. 6.30pm??

Hmmm…Have my bike today so might turn up :unsure:

I’ll be there from 6pm. However am staying only for an hour

thanks sheerie :smiley:

see you all later

Have fun guys, wrap up warm :slight_smile:

Great turnout tonight, can’t believe how many braved the cold! Good to catchup with everyone and meet a couple of new people :slight_smile:

Darn, I’d have come tonight if I’d realised it was Wednesday :Whistling:

Roll on the warmer weather :smiley:

Oh is it Wednesday?:hehe:Bugger… missed it;):smiley:

good idea spending the evening in the pub, i am still stunned by the joker outside

flippin heck it was cold out! still cant feel me hands!

weldone to us ‘hardcore bikers’ lol

Even those of us stuck on a 125 for the time being :stuck_out_tongue:

Hang in there, it won’t be long!

Nice to see some folks out n about, sorry I couldn’t stay long :slight_smile: