BM tonight?

who’s in?

It was pitifull last time, the weather is nice. I fancy a pint, a chilli chicken wrap and some atmosphere (so I won’t be going to a run down field drinking crap T from a skanky hut :laugh: )

just make sure you park your bike correctly though :stuck_out_tongue:

Supposed to be meeting Wasp there to drop off my kit :stuck_out_tongue:

wasp’s coming to the hut too Nick

recruit for your dusty old field in a different thread thanks :stuck_out_tongue:

Not tonight, I’m off to a art gallery opening :smiley:

am just picking up wayward sheeps and steering them in the correct direction again :slight_smile:

I’ll be heading down to drink shitty tea on a dusty field. :smiley:

yeah i might go only been once before so dont know anyone realy

dont seem to be that much interest

seems like the tea hut has more interest.i thought bm was offical meet or am i wrong

BM’s the ‘official’ meet, yes.
there are other meet ups that day too, such as ace and blackheath Wednesdays.

BM’s quite central, which makes it ideal for those who work out in Central London, with the others in the West and South.

in the end people go to where they like it the most. Some like Ace more, some BM, some tea hut.

some flaunt it totally and do both! there will be people up there though Martin (at BM)

Not tonight josephine:D got to stay at bm to meet Alex the manwhore and collect another jacket off one of Pj’s mate so won’t make the teahut
Hence i asked to meet Nick there…:stuck_out_tongue: if ya desperate for your bunnies let me know asap and meet me at bm too

yes, just because not many post here doesn’t mean no one will be there.

my bunnies! :crazy:


hang on, josephine? Where did that come from? :blink:

ok ill be there about 7.30 ish

Going to have to give it a miss this week. The Ducati’s still off the road and I’m on the train…and I’m still in the office in the Slough of despond.

Hmm I just posted up saying I was going to the Hut, but if more people are going to BM I might go there instead. Anyway, will make my tea first as am hungry and back from work and then decide in about half an hour.:slight_smile:

im leaving waltham abbey in 5.hope there will be some peeps there