BM Tonight

As there hasn’t been much response on the Midweek Roll Call, and because it was potentially meant to be my debut tonight…I thought I would start a separate thread, just to see what the actual interest is for later.

So who is in?

I may come down but I will be on the HPTW…

Got a doc appointment at 16:50 if it’s not raining much I should be there around 18:30

If its on and people are going down, I should be there by 6.30 latest.

Where is the meeting point (to save me searching previous posts)?


A little bit of drizzle so far, but nothing too bad…So hopefully a half decent turnout.

Can’t do tonight but would be interested for next wed :slight_smile:

I have mandatory work fun tonight :frowning:

Will be there next week though. 

So to those who are going…is there a secret hand shake or something else to recognise you by?

Nah, just dirty stares until you say hello then smiles all round :slight_smile:

I do want to come along. But I won’t get out of work before 8 can someone ping me a message if you go to the shed or ace…:

Just remembered I can’t make tonight. Have a good one!

I should be there by 5:30

See you there…

Someone please say hello and dont stare us out… Grey MT07, yellow overboard bag…

Lol. Worth turning up just to watch what happens.

I can’t make it … honest.

Got wet on my way to the doc and it’s fucking cold, I can’t be arsed now, screw this weather, see you next week

Bloody spaniards, coming over here, complaining about our weather…

(I’ll also not be turning up, though)

It was bloody cold. cactus brought posh pastries though, so worth it.

Aww. Sad I missed it. :sweat:

I very nearly came for the first time. Then someone poured frothy beer into me and the next thing I was on a train, sobbing like a little bitch.