BM Tonight

Anyone going



Sort of…


Sort of..... banman
Are you going to dial in remotely? 

I’ll be at the Market Porter. That sort of counts?

See you all there :smiley:

I reckon I’m about a 5%…


Well we’re all being evacuated due to a power cut in the office so I’m now going to be stupidly early. I shall join the hipsters for coffee until anyone shows ups. See you later. 

Nice to meet Timmy and the Wolf hic sorry to run off x

Ah. Came back to say hi. No one there but a diavel and a scooter?

Went bike shed direction :+1:

We left when the scooter arrived.


… don’t tell me you ridiculed and alienated them…

Nah, just left :slight_smile:

Talking about scooters…gone but not forgotten 



Wonder if he customised it with some go faster stripes like his scooter?