BM tonight - London bikers weekly meet!!

So im going to head down, whos going to be there??


If it rains than I stand only way home. If not I may popin for few minutes shortly after 5pm (I know to early so why bother).


hmm, possibly not…

You misspelled “more likely” mate. :stuck_out_tongue:


lol if this weather wasnt so crap… and there were hot men there then maybe:P


boooo got to drop out, last minute work ;-(

Public service announcement. BM has roadworks, you can park at the top where we are or at the bottom but you can’t ride through

Bah, had to rush home to get the kids because the wife was delayed sigh.

^^^PMSL you’re worse than Kishan Simon :smiley:

No I bloody amn’t! At least I do really turn up at places sometimes :wink:

I really wanted to come today, since BM was more or less on my way home (I’m working in Brentwood, just off the A12, so popping by BM is no real hardship). Unfortunately my wife was in the middle of an operation which had complications, so she asked one of the theatre nurses to pop out and call me to ask if I could pick up the kids. She still hasn’t got home by the way. That happens sometimes being married to a doctor…can’t really be helped.

Next time!

Still… once the boob job is done, you’ll be all smiles (and coming out even less often!)

EDIT Oh wait, she’s giving the op, not receiving…

It was so cool today at BM, no rain, not very cold… After arrival I found place to park, had 2 cigarets, for the fun of it try to read something on forum using iphone (hilarious) after 35 minutes at 6pm I decided that I may have better things to do than look like a moron who had date and she did not turn up.



well its all clear now.
Simon’s designer vagina is taking more time that he thought it would be, but i’m sure the end result would be a stunner. :laugh:

What and meet up with you sad fucko’s! no way pedro!!!

you’re back!!! i really missed you!!! :smiley:

Well ya know the cream always floats to the top and this forums boring without me!!

scum floats to the top too

**** floats to the top sometimes too.