BM Tomorrow

I just got meetings cancelled all day tomorrow so appear to be atttending with a view to staying for more that 15 mins.

Is it likely to be a well attended one? Looks like it will be dry/warm !

If its dry and warm I would expect a good turn out:w00t:

Slow down:w00t: Already. Its just one thing after another:D

Keep up Rob…

Monday Newbie Night

Tuesday: North London meet

Wednesday: BM

Thursday: rest

Friday: Ace

Saturday: Ride to Brighton

Sunday: Ride out

Now thats what i call a busy week for you to get your LB fix. Well you did say you was addicted;)

maybe, but not for long, off to cambridge after

Me and Joolsy will be in The George just up the road - may pop along if we can still stand :slight_smile:

Should be there. Going to Essential Rubber 1st to get a new rear tyre. Will try to not get robbed blind this week.

is anyone going to BM from the Ace? my first time going and dont want to get lost :cool:

Am going from Chiswick Roundabout, which isn’t far…you’re welcome to meet me and go from there!

thanks for the offer! would you be ok with me being on L plates and a 125? if im going to slow you down i will try and find my own way

Nah it’ll be fine. I’ll be leaving Chiswick roundabout around half 6. We meet where the car wash sign is, just past the Nissan (?) garage - it’s visible from the roundabout

U will be missing the cookies!
I shall be there with cookies! So u should all behave urselves :smiley:

The roundabout is next to gunnersbury park yeah?

might pop along after work :slight_smile:

Can I opt to not have cookies and be allowed to misbehave? :cool:


Street view of parking place (coming from Ace way),-0.312573&sspn=0.009294,0.01929&ie=UTF8&ll=51.491564,-0.280967&spn=0,359.961419&z=15&layer=c&cbll=51.491685,-0.281093&panoid=fwuOG_PO82LEDYQ-_vD6Fg&cbp=12,124.85,,0,5.02

Please remember to post photos of misbehaviour afterwards;)

If I can get a free hand… :w00t:

Ur special, you can misbehave and have cookies :wink:

As proved by my avatar!

Woot, and indeed, woot!