BM Then Over To Tea Hut This Evening

I’ll probably be at BM quite early, like quarter to 6. Anyone else be around that early?

As usual, will then head over the tea hut around 8ish…

If i make it that far through the day, I’ll be there around that time

Not that early but should be there for around 6.15

Of course knowing my work, it could all end up to **** and I end up working late

6.15 to 6.30 it is for me and then it depends on how cold it is, might head to TH a bit earlier

We’ll be there around 7pm-might have to crack out the heated vest :wink:

I may come by but bike less as I’m going to go for a few beers with a pal tonight.

Popping to OMC after work as they kindly said they would show me how to replace my headlight bulb as one has failed. Then will be up for BM if its before 7 still otherwise will be at BTH as per. would be great to go on a beigle ride again too to brick lane

I’ll be there with a new toy, hopefully wont drop it on it’s debut… no pressure now :w00t:

What sort of numpty drops his bike the first time he rolls up on it at BM? :w00t:

Anyone heard or seen recently Rob? :stuck_out_tongue:

Am seriously expecting you to make sure you use the bloody thing - long road trip is a must!

I’ll be there - just BM tonight. Will be bringing Mike - the new man (well newish - it’s been a couple of months now). Very pleased to see that KTM Martin will be there as Mike is an intrepid adventurer as well - has ridden to Kazakhstan 5 times (used to work over there). Dis it on a 1200GSA, but now has a Multistrada.

There is no mud at BM… :Whistling:

I’m still here fat boy:D just busy at the mo:w00t:

Are you also gonna change the revolting profile picture? :smiley:


if i’m not seeing the missus later i may well pop to BM, its been a while…i wonder if i will know anyone!?

Come say hello to me - just look for the BIG hair!

Yes, big hair, that’s Ally :smiley:

I’m debating it…
If I do come then you will hear me before you see me… :Whistling:

lol ok i will look for the beehive hairdo :smiley:

might bring my younger brother with me