BM meeting point for Brands tomorrow

there were a few mumbles made about meeting at BM early to go to BH tomorrow…

if anyone wants to meet there post on here otherwise i’ll go straight down A2 from home, cheers

looks like no-one is going from BM then
will be at BH about 8 (spectator)

does anyone know where i can park thats monitored? under cctv? etc
think i saw a post from Ratty about being able to park nr garages?

behind the grandstand,look for me SV…or possibly outside the garages but not in them, to be honet i dont want to get in any of the trackday riders way or take up someones space, seeing as they have paid for a dayout.:slight_smile:

cheers, yeah thinking about it, behind grandstand is the best bet as i may leave before the very end

dont know brands but can you get from the paddock back out of the circuit before action finishes on the track?

yup you can, im pretty sure you can! i might pop over to me mates for lunch, hes only 5 mins away!:smiley:

just ride your bike down to the pits and park up with the LB lot it will be safe there.

there is a small tunnel that takes you under the track to the pits - full access all day

pits it is then…:smiley:

orangespoon, i dont know where youget into the tunnel, im a just follow curtis or someone:D

Go in along past the grandstand, the road drops into a sloping car park area, part way down on the right do a 180 degree right into a very narrow tunnel . . . the end of that tunnel is the paddock and the garages are up on the right. You can park anywhere on the left or in the garages if there is space.

ah nice one slarty! i know where ya mean sort of below paddockhill bend, ill find it!:smiley:

cool thanks for the advice, see you tomorrow
cross fingers for the weather!