BM 7th april

Im game! who else is?

Plus allys baking skills might make a show :stuck_out_tongue:

i might go …only if Stacey/ Emma or whatever her name is goes …lol

lol perv :stuck_out_tongue:

Weather permitting, yes, I’ll be there.

I’m there! It will be worth the trip to watch the Vic Reeves-style thigh rubbing

Sorry to disappoint ginge i’m off up north for a couple of days :slight_smile:

i may possiby be about, depends on what the sky does:D

can i come with you …


run for your life!!!:smiley:

You wanna meet my family so soon lol !

how do i keep quoting the wrong person

if you insist!:smiley:


sometimes the quote button goes a bit nuts!..tis a glitch on the board.

yeah i dont mind …lol

not one to beat about the bush eh ginge!


nope im not x

I’ll come if Emma and Mel get it on! :stuck_out_tongue:

i agree there what about Mel, Stacey/Emma/Giggles and Me get it on with a 3some …lol

I’m never going now!

im just kidding hun …once you get to know me your know im a joker …but i still wannna meet the parents…x

Just me me me with you eh? :smiley:


Maybe we should have a vote on LB :P:P