BM 12/04/10

light rain predicted :ermm:

i should be there :smiley: (weather depending)

Meeeeeee… with cookies cos Kato has asked me nicely :slight_smile: They will be limited tho as i cant spend all night baking!

Fingers crossed:w00t: I hope to be there:D

i’ll be there, cookies to eat, drills to return

Probably :cool:

I should be there on my Oysterbike

I have a FLAT TYRE right now - not sure how I did it - probably when I ‘off roaded’ down Arodene Road which is like a rutted old country farm track with all the potholes - Lambeth - get your act together!!

I am unsure whether this tyre will be mended by tomorrow - but it’s been a while since BM - so must come soon!

I also would like to have a cookie.


will be heading south for the evening so maybe next week

Possibly if weather is ok

I’ll be there :slight_smile:

Ace for me (Much nicer cakes) :slight_smile:

Ace this week for the Triumph girls & boys… plus the cakes that were on offer last time (from one of the C&Van Club members) were just mmmmmmmmmm divine :w00t: We have our very own Miss Kipling :wink:

Haha, thanks Ang :wink: I might be at the Ace later but I am not 100% sure yet, got a personal training session at the gym at 5 and I am already tired!! Will try and make some more yummy cakes soon :smiley:

It would take a minor miracle to get my Triumph back today - so nearly done but not quite!

Not sure if we’ll be down, depends on weather. I do have a couple of phones for you Ang so hopefully we’ll get down to the Ace.

Not for me tonight, i have too much going on at work and home at the mo.

Have fun.

sounds like tiggi and ally should have a ‘cake-off’ :w00t:

i know you the judges will be :smiley:

Well now ive finished uni as of tomorow… i shall have plenty of time on my hands to create what i didnt have time to do before :slight_smile:

I’m so excited a bit of wee came out…

I bagsy being a judge! :w00t::w00t: