Got a question and wanna see if this has happened to anyone else.

So I got pulled over for anti social driving/excess speed and small number plate. But there were over things to go with it, black visor at night, twin pipes are very loud with no baffles, number plate is at an angel that is hard to read from a car and no led light for it. I also don’t have indicators or mirrors, but they didn’t say anything about that tho. 

So after he gave me the list of things he said I have two options, leave the bike here and go home or call a tow truck. After some more waffling and agreeing he let me go as is with no fines. There were threats of court and what not, but what got my attention was he said if I don’t make my bike road legal next time I’m pulled over it will be crushed or if I am seen to ride a bike in an antisocial manner whether it is mine or not it will also be crushed. I also did not have my driving license with me lol they were not impressed I told them my name but I didn’t see them checking my name nor my number plate for history on their computer/radio but they did make a note of it.

What Im trying to understand, after all this I wasn’t given anything as evidence that I was stopped or something so serious has been recorded, or do they not have to do that? Were they just trying to scare me? Just felt a bit strange with the threats of not driving the bike home and the crushing stuff, I wasn’t given a fine, luckily not, not complaining, just trying to understand what happened. Last time I was pulled over I was given a paper telling me I was stopped etc, name and number were checked on the radio etc. This time was different, first got me scared and then let me go with warnings, they also left fairly quickly, may have got tired of me excuses but its as if they were just pulling me over to make me aware of the consequences of my driving and legality of the bike? 

I have an Aprilia DD 750, a hypermoto so its expected to be loud and barley road legal haha

Any thoughts or anyone else experience something similar?

I think you are very fortunate.  They may have already checked the registration no. of your bike before they stopped you, found out that the registered owner is you, and that the bike is insured.

As above, probably an ANPR equipped car, they know the answers before asking the questions these days.

As far as the various offences go it sounds as if you may have been cautioned for them, was you cautioned?

If I were a gambling man I’d wager you never told the Police Officer ‘Its an Aprilia blah blah waffle its expected to be loud and barley barely road illegal’

My thoughts are you’ve been caught bang to rights. It might be an idea for you to heed the good advice and get your bike sorted, road legal, LOL, haha and all that or, take it off on the Locksbottom to Hastings sortie on Monday and ride it in the same manner, dilemma over :wink:

Very fortunate. I’ve been pointed and summoned for far far less.

If it was me I’d be grinning this morning. Take the advice he have and leave it as that.

They would have a record of the stop.

Section 59 Google

Fecking editor shitty website …

Possible more demanding job came in or donuts delivered at station 

That’s it a section 59 is what they said, sounds serious :frowning: Might not have been so lucky then. But again why is something so serious only given out verbally.

Lesson learned, stay out of central London, never liked riding in it, just asking to get pulled over. Will stay in the B roads outside the m25 from now on, cause less disturbance out there.

Also I was honest with my opinion of the bike and legality and how it looks. Was fear of them to pull me over, been a while now, and I appreciate they didn’t take it further.

Was it a police car? Were they in uniform? How did they identified themselves?

Yh an estate police car, but not traffic police, and not the community lot, not wearing high vis, general black and white

Then yes you could have been done for all the above, but they must have liked your attitude. You should try and fit some indicator if you can at least

Im just a nice guy :slight_smile: its the bike who misbehaves

Done some reading on the Section 59, it will stay with me and the bike for 12 months

I could be wrong here, I’ve been wrong before. If you and the bike are the subject of a Section 59 and you get pulled again for similar antics, whether that be inside or outside the M25, the bike goes to the crusher and you goes before the Beak for a proper finger wagging.

you could ride a road legal bike instead… Just saying :wink:

fixed what they told me to fix but still gonna avoid london, prefer the B roads, got more national speed limits on them

How does that (Section 59) work?

I mean if they gave you no paperwork what’s to say what the issue with your riding or the bike was?

i think he’s been lucky and its just been verbally insinuated as in get act together if you don’t next time we will go that step further …

That’ll make sense.

was you riding like a twat by any chance?

If they were so bothered they would have given you a PG9 note and told you to get it MOT again.

Tricky one this as a friend of mine got a warning for his plate and decided to ignore it, next time a random officer stopped him they told him he’d already been warned…

Maybe when they return to the car whilst your bike details are up on their little screen they attach a note stating the stop and warning etc… So the next police officer that stops you can check against that…

Then again I could be wrong.

I got given a warning for a small plate.  Got home, swapped it for normal one. No further issues.  They ignored the race exhaust.  Just get it legal and then ride it.