bluetooth helmets and the like

up until recently i’ve been using a cheapo helmet headset plugged straight into the phone which worked really well. however my new combined satnav phone needs to be kept charging whilst i ride so i’m gonna need a bluetooth solution. anyone got any experience of the scala rider or any of the bluetooth helmets that are around?

Dianese or BMW…n a reverse order unless style win over design…

Just get one of these:

  • fits perfectly under helmet and great for use after riding. I’ve heard nothing but praise about the sound quality.

Or just get a spare battery, I’m sure you won’t ride long enough in one day to kill them both.

PS. Just don’t buy it from the link above, it’s from US so you’d be charged a custom tax. Find the same thing in UK online shops.

i looked at that, where do you put the mic?

The mic is in this small black bit - in perfect position close to your mouth.

I’ve got the non-bluetooth version of the Dainese lid and it’s a lovely lid - a mate tried it on and he preferred it to his Arai.

If I watch how people drive cars when they are on the phone (even hands free), it does make me wonder if this is such a good idea on a bike where the road should have all your attention, all of the time?

I don’t use a headset for phone conversations. I use it to listen to the satnav’s instructions. It’s much safer to keep an eye on the road instead of checking the screen every moment.

Oh dear, lets not get into that argument again, lol

i just use it to answer the phone until i get a chance to pull over, or to give a running commentary. it’s not like i sort out my social diary when riding.

Someone else mentioned a Nolan helmet -

Or, I like the look of this kit, which gives you rider to pillion as well as connectivity to your phone -

The Nolan N-102 lid has a fully intergrated blue tooth system.

J&S have the n-com lids (nolan) - i set up one with the headset in for customers to see/try on and they are very good quality! The helmets are cheaper then most places at J&S - but the full kit set-up costs quite a bit - but worth it! Or go to the Autocom website (voted RIDE best buy - for non com-ready helmets)

So what does a Nolan Lid with N-Com via Bluetooth set a punta back Sean? Have seen lid for around £199 and the Bluettoth/ Ear Piece etc for another £150!!

Just covering all my options - have the Autocom figure and the Sony ear piece.



Microphone and ear pieces are about £25. The bluetooth electronics are about £150.
That’s you sorted. Any pillion will cost you £25 for the mic and earpieces + intercom cable (or another £150 for a second bluetooth thingy).

I have the N-102 with bluetooth intercom. Works well, although the microphone could be smaller. That or my chin…

maplin are doing a bluetooth throat mic for £40 at the mo

I’ve got and used the scala rider. It’s a great bit of kit, clips to lid, weather proof (not tested it in a hurricane, or prolonged), good charge/talk time etc. It’s clear and easy to use, pairs automatically.

But I’ve only used it whilst stationary. Like most things, it’s useful in as much as you don’t have to take your lid off. I’m looking at their audio dongle for listening to my GPS instructions on it.

The guy asked for opinions, not a moral discourse. Most of us will have listened to/given radio instructions whilst learning… I frequently ride with my eyes closed and thumb up my arse and I’m much better than 99% of people on the roads.

can you give us a link to the bluetooth dongle, is it a2dp?

there you go.

That doesn’t look too bad a price actually. Be warned though, if you were intending on getting a second to do rider to pillion, the quality for that only (for some reason) is known to be a problem.