bluetooth helmet to listen to android phone mp3 player


Anyone got a good recommendation for onboard bluetooth speakers in a helmet to listen to mp3’s from an android phone.

Currently got scala headset and xfm is doing my head in …want to revert to mp3’s



I thought that the Scala headsets did bluetooth audio?

If you want to use in-ear buds, these aren’t too bad:

That’ll pair with your GPS and your phone and when the GPS starts talking, the music cuts out then starts again when the GPS is done whinging at you. If you don’t use it with a GPS, then you can skip that part :smiley:

I use a Nokia BH 103 - link

Cheap and it works well, but can control tracks as it (or my N1) doesn’t support the BT remote protocol.

i was going to get a carberg flip front helmet with bluetooth untill i was told it was £100 something extra,then i tried a viper helmet for £170 which personally was crap…and ended up with a duchinni £160 which has built in bluetooth which you can pair with ipod…phone sat nav and even another helmet for rider to pillion/bike to bike (at close range).

the duchinni looks good,is light and well made but is a little loud with the wind noise but i’d say perfectly good for around town,would’nt recommend it for long journeys without earplugs tho

I personally use my Samsung Galaxy and use all my music on that to pair with my INTERPHONE F4, it was highly recommended in RIDE Magazine… it sits neatly in my helmet, and also bloody useful to make and recieve calls.:slight_smile:

Get the dogtag bluetooth player and a pair of decent noise cancelling earphones. Good for silly speeds and if you’re doing a safe speed (read stopped at traffic lights- honest) you can use it to change the track/ volume etc.

Jabra BT3030 I think is the dogtag if I remember right.

Edit- so this has already been recommended above. Just take this as a seconding!