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You’ll be missed - here are your Best Bits :smiley:

bluelagos (07/01/2010)

Stevie, you should have been in Bruges - that was Nick’s best bit :w00t:

Dig out the thread and post it up then :smiley:

There’s a lot more stuff on here about Nick just waiting to be resurrected :Whistling:

How’s your leg doing? Any more news?

On about page 10 in here:

Short version - sitting outside a cafe on Bruges main square, laughing ourselves silly about something anyway, a very camp waiter came up to Nick and said Kenneth Williams voice on “Ooooooooooo, I want to have a go on your THING!” when we all looked a bit surprised he wiggled his finger in Nick’s direction and said “Yours!”. We think it must have been the eyelashes wot did it.

(legs swollen with black & blue patches coming up nicely, thanks for asking. Forms filled in & handed to police. Next step wait 4 weeks:w00t:)

hehe… that’s funny! :smiley:

you might be right about the eyelashes!

Here’s hoping that your dude lives to regret the day he ran into you :wink:

Stevie Ramone (06/06/2010)


You’ll be missed - here are your Best Bits :smiley:

Cheers Srevie - just like an exit off Big Brother!