Blue SV down on the Embankment

Hope it wasn’t anyone on here that had two ambulances in attendance last night (at the Earl’s Court end of the Embankment last night.

Couldn’t get the Reg as the plate was smashed off.

Hope it heals quickly whoever you are.

It wasn’t me. I got to BM last night quite late (after you’d gone) and George & Wills were saying you’d seen one down…

Hope they’re OK though.

Wasn’t me, but I did ride through at about 11pm last night, didn’t see anything.

Another not me.

Didn’t know Earl’s Court was anywhere near embankment:w00t:

Knob! :stuck_out_tongue:

Depends on how fast you ride, innit?

What I meant was the West end, not the other end.

Genius, of course it wasn’t you, you green kawasaki riding person! hehe

Hope they’re okay…