Blue Flame Exhaust Number 2

Well I took a trip down to see Paul (mrgee) today to pick up a nice Blue Flame exhaust, its from a diffrent bike so its about 3 inches longer then my old one but fits with my link pipe perfectly Here are some pics.

Thanks Paul


Oooooohh shiny things… keep away from the shiny things…

Doh. Too late. You’ve succumbed . Well done. FEEL THE NOISE.

ahhhh its so nice to have a louder can again

Glad it fitted, phew. Hope you’ve taken the baffles out kev?

Oh, and it looks lovely mate!!

Thanks again mate the baffels are still in there at the moment but my friend has the tool to remove them so I have to wait till he gets over I’ll only take the bottom one out as both out makes the engine splutter a little.

It looks good, though I think it could do with losing a third of the length. How about it? It’s a common modification nowadays, cutting cans down, and is quite simple to do. You just have to remove the rivits in the end clip, cut it down, and re-rivit, then possibly change the fueling (again, a simple modification) to suit the new exhaust characteristics.

I don’t know if I could be bothered to do it though, I kow it is longer then the old one but I think it looks ok for now, but in the future I’ll probably have it done. I have to concentrate on a solo seat tail and respray for now

Must be the different angles the pics were taken from, but I’d swear the old one is longer

The first pic has the exhaust going past the tail tidy, the blue flame just reaches it, so it is a little shorter than the old one.

Very nice mate. I like blue flame cans hence why I have one. They look cool sound very nice and the removable baffle systems are class!

Yep! i’ll bring me hacksaw and club hammer to the Ace on Friday.

Sorry everyone when I reffer to my old can I actually mean my old blue flame exhaust lol