Blue 675

A lass in the Midlands asked Triumph to colour her 675 in an old stock colour called Nightshade…


blue trumpet.jpg

the lass has taste!

Bugger, it looks well nice. ETA on yours Andrew??

Did you miss my post? Saturday next…

Don’t no about you lot but I reckon it’s taken all it’s design cues off the old 916.

To me it looks just like one, still, it’s one hell of a luvly bike.

Can’t wait to see it in the flesh up soho on a friday nite.

No, I just have a very short attention-span. What?


Like the blue, but prefer the black, looks more evil!!!

Liking the blue 675, but what they need is a black bike shiny and matt

Just…WOW…that deep blue is wicked killer.

I think I’ll make a trip up to the local Triumph dealer and see if they’ll allow me a test ride…can’t hurt to ask, right?

Just wait until you see the pink 675 they are doing for aother young lady. S’s blue one is lovely.

Do u know if that costed extra???/

I think you just have to be female and flutter those eyelashes at your dealer or in a certain ladies case, work at Hinkley

Some £1200 she said, although she didn’t pay that as she ‘knows’ some people there. I think the previous style of negotiation has been employed.

Thats gorgeous!

Mmmmm … the blue is nice, but black is best!!

Not a lover of trump’s but ya know that blue is lush

I’m pretty sure it’d be faster in red…

My next bike will be pink to stop the other half pinching it off me! And it’ll be wired up to stop those thieving scumbags a lesson… once bitten & all that.

Could hurt if they let ya and ya don’t wanna give it back.