Blue 2000 SV650S

Hi All,

I’ve just put this on eBay now as it’s not getting many responses here.

Link -

P.S The bike is now YELLOW

It’s on for £1500, LB’ers can have it for £1400 and that’s WITH the £200+ shock that’s currently fitted on it.



Pictures no added - ignore the exhaust, it has a standard one on.

oh man I love the SV’s I want one!

GC can I just have it if you cannot sell it?

Mate, if I win the lottery this Saturday, I will personally deliver it to you and hand over the keys, gratis!

(Yes, SV’s rock…the yellow one is my 6th I’ve owned…always come back to them)

I’m going to hold you to that. I have my fingers crossed for you.

What if GC only wins a tenner! does that still count as a lotto win?

Your odds have just gone up big time mr Sleeper!!

is this the same bike featured in your avatar pic ?:stuck_out_tongue:

I didn’t win the lottery. :frowning:

And no-one has bought the bike yet. Reducing price to £1400 standard for quick sale.

nice bike shame Im £900 shy of your asking price !!! :slight_smile:

Updated. :slight_smile:

im keeping an eye on this, im away for a long weekend but if you have no joy on ebay i may be interested :slight_smile:


Ok mate, no problem.

This bike has now been changed to YELLOW.

I took the blue fairings and put em on my other sv…done a swap :stuck_out_tongue: