blu yamaha tenere

Yamaha tenere 2009, 6000 m, blue, lowered by Yamaha 5 cm, v5 present.
The bike is in really good conditions, I am selling because I am not actually using it.

price, mot, tax etc? (not interested just think it would be good for ad to have)

How easy is it to put back to normal height?

Needs moar infos!

What colour is the bike?

I’m guess blue judging from the photo…

no, its blu it says so in the title

Looks like it’s been lowered… By about 5cm I’d say…

That actually made me LOL

da ba dee da ba da

price, mot, tax etc?

3.2 k, until april 2012, until may 2012.

Yes, but bear in mind now is 86 cm the saddle, normal height is 91 so you need to be tall above all if you are using it in the traffic.