Blown 30amp fuse 05 fazer 1000

Died this morning changed for a new one but what sort of problem would cause that maybe a short along the live?


i had a naked connection on my SR125 that kept blowing fuses, took me an age to find.

so no one knows why a bike would blow a main fuse?

you answered it yourself :wink:

damn greek! maybe but thats a guess as i havnt had time to have a look just wandered if there was anything to look for.

:stuck_out_tongue: well thats the only reason i can think of…

Fuses blow because of higher amperage than the system can take caused by a short in a wire…

A dodgy connection can cause it, as can intermittent charging. I had a GPX750, which blew main fuses due to the alternator belt slipping (the fuse would blow as the belt picked up and the current surged).