Blooming early

Morning all

Another fine day today for riding. I woke up at 4am and couldn`t get back to sleep.

Today i`m working at home rendoring part of the back of my house, oh great fun when i should be out there riding my bike.

Whatever your doing today, have fun.

Don’t you hate when that happens? For me it always seems to be if I’m thinking I’ve got to be up early, I wake up about 2 hours before that and can’t sleep… or the night before I’m thinking about how I can’t afford to oversleep, and that stops me getting to sleep!

Anyway, morning all.

morning john!!!
im a bit later as iv been mucking around with the u tube thing !!! uploading vid of adam messing around!!!
(not naughty ones either john)) saving them for later!!!

have a good day today!!

good morning biscuit and i hope u and annie are ok today!!! just so glad u both are ok!!!xx
seams like it was a night of accidents!!! as 3 more people whent down yesterday and all from the same group!!! just glad everyones ok !!!


3 Lbers went down last night, now that`s bad.

oops hope everyone’s ok?

who else went down?

What exactly happened? Was it after the meet?

who was it ? …

I have no problem sleeping, even through a hurricane, but I just don’t get enough of the stuff, consistently! That’s working on LB for you!