Bloody white van

So yesterday on my way down to the ace, I got “nudged” by a white van driver who wanted to push into my lane, and I went over onto my left hand side. I was stationary, and if I’d been thinking at all I’d have looked for a numberplate, but I was just so shocked I didn’t think to. Picked the bike up (damn 230kg plus fuel is heavy! Luckily I’d left the top-box and chain at home because I’d been out for a ride for fun and didn’t need them), and rode on to the ace where I saw some folks for newbie night.

This morning I’m feeling a pain in my hand (which hit the ground first) - not broken or bruised but something is strained for sure. I also went out to look at the bike in the light of day and saw some ugly scratches:

As luck would have it, there was a pothole that the crash bung went into, leaving the brunt of the weight here. sigh

Bloody white van drivers!!

There, rant over. Bike still rides beautifully :slight_smile:

We had an Arsehole in an Astra yesterday on the rideout.

It’s the weather brings all the twats to the tarmac.

$#!? happens, good to hear you walked away from it

If that happened on the A406 it will be covered by CCTV, as will any other through fare on the way to the Ace.

Report it to the Met, failing to stop after an acident will be taken very seriously, especially as their is some personal injury too. Get yourself off to A&E for a proper check of any injuries.

It’s a suzuki. Always crashes well. Look at mine :).

Bad form ,Is that a dent in the side case or just a shadow ?

Just a shadow thankfully. It was on the Bridgewater Road, no CCTV. Oh well. I am alive, I will survive!