Bloody typical!

Bloody typical!!!

Ive been in London for coming on a month now, Finally getting used to the gauntlet that is the northern circular for my morning and evening commute. But hate the traffic this city and its terrible drivers has on offer. Its mental!!! But finally find some like minded peeps on this lovely website and decided to meet a few of you at borough bridge on wedneday!!! “tonight that is” and…

It ******* rains like hell 10 mins into my journey!!! I get lost because Ill be damned if i can work out the street signs in this godforsaken place!!! so instead of a night ive been looking forward to for a week i get home looking like a drowned rat with a face like satan!!!

Ahhhrrrr well guess ill just have to wait to meet you guys till another dreary traffic ridden night!!!

You could always come out Friday :smiley:

Welcome to London…It only gets worse :laugh:

Just joking (to an extent)…Welcome to LB too.

Put today down to a dry (!? :crazy: ) run. Next time you’ll get there in no time.


Oooo what happens on a friday? :smiley: "this is me smiling through my shivering teeth after removing the soden leathers and having just had a shower! haha

Meet at the Ace Cafe and head to Poppins for grub, and some will go for a spin some will go for the duvet :wink:

Look out for the post about the Ace on the boards but we usually leave at 8pm from the bus stop opposite :wink:

Cool! thats only a stones throw from me! Rekon I can get to the ace without getting lost! Maybe??? :smiley:

Pray for a dry night!!!

Hi and welcome aboard.

Hello and welcome to LB, London and the great weather!!! :slight_smile:


welcome to LB

Hello fellow Bandit owner. Welcome to LB mate. :smiley:

Hello and welcome to LB


welcome hombre! how did the Friday night go? you get there?

welcome to LB mate and merry christmas:D