bloody marvellous!

Just had to go the Nokia shop in regents street today, but soon found out there’s a flipping march going on so all the roads have been blocked off! Eventually found a side street just off regents street, and saw a bike copper blocking the road off. Was originally gonna ring up to pay for that stupid bike bay business, but couldn’t be asked to make an account and all that jazz, so thought i’d try summin! Rode over to the copper, told him i was gonna be literally gonna be about 5mins and asked if I could leave my bike next to his! He said “go on then, seeing you’ve been so audacious and cheeky!” What a legend! Ran to and from the shop, got back and started chatting to him. He told me I need to change my plate, not that he cared, but he said they were getting hotter on plates because they were getting fed up of losing revenue from the cameras missing the plates! I said thank you very much and rode off! Ruddy good policing i say!

Nice one. As the saying goes dont ask dont get.

On the plate … damn

Nice to hear!:smiley:

See even the traffic plod are human … only just though !! :stuck_out_tongue:

Must agree,bloody marvellous:Whistling:

Maybe but i’m brighter 8)

looks liek cavemean met broady?:smiley:

Been pulled over a few times by motorcycle coppers in the past. Each time I’ve had a bit of a borrocking when I could have had a nick.

Back a while, I had one follow me very close almost from home to the works garage entrance before getting pulled. Just got told that “Now you’ve just done your journey within the limits. Didn’t take much longer, did it?”

Point well made and good policing.

In my experience, if you not being a complete d*ckhead. you’ll get a fair deal from the ones on bikes.

(Loved one pull when I got the jump on a motorcycle copper at the traffic lights. Pulled over, took of the helmet and he said “I was expecting someone younger.”)

Bet he was well suprised mate, it`s a credit to LB that you geriatrics are still allowed to post. Big up to the moderators dude.:slight_smile:

Lad, you’ve hit thirty. It’s down hill from now so less scorne from the middle aged, please.

Jealousy – how sad:P

Nice one! :smiley:

was it you broady? I was wearing my LB hoody, maybe that had something to do with it if it was you! Although you probably would have said something about it, so it most likely wasn’t you!

No was’nt me, I would have mentioned it and shown you the LB sticker on my white Shoei.I’m not a Black Rat either(thankfully some might say:D)

He was a biker plod though… Maybe that was the difference… :wink:

Nothing wrong with your plate Nahum;) :P:)

As someone with a standard plate who has been hit with 3, yes 3(!) PCN’s in the last two weeks I know exactly what he’s talking about. As they are back-dated I’m still worried I’m going to get even more over the next few days- it seems the councils are really cracking down on bus lane incursions etc. to bump up their revenue. Without giving too much away there are certain non-tfl bus lanes in town that ‘everyone’ uses the first yard of to filter. For the last two years I’ve never had a PCN then all of a sudden 3 in a row- all marginally over the bus lane white line while filtering . No more sneaky shortcuts for me then.:crying:

lol, funny thing you think that!:wink:

I got pulled the night before my test the other week

To be fair, my rear indicator was taped on, and my L plate had fallen off the back (I swear it was on there when I set off), and he was totally sound about it

Some of them can be alright, got to remember they are actually people

Thanks for the heads up on that one, sorry you have been caught though…