Bloody lethal kids

Ok so decided to keep the DRZ for the year so bought a FCR carb and a up-rated rear spring to cope with my lard-ass!! Started the install this week with the carb, stripped it down and got the new one in though wow that was easy. Anyway connected and checked for leaks and the thing is pissing petrol on the floor, I mean a good coke can’s worth is now pooled under the bike and me in the garage before I could stop it. Next thing I hear is my two girls (4 & 7) giggling by the door as they try to sneak up on me ready to throw something at me. What did they have that almost made me crap myself

Thank god that as I saw them they ran off before throwing them at me…:w00t:

Haha possibly the worst timing eh!
Did you forget to attach fuel line?

You should do the AP wire mod on the fcr. Really helps on the throttle response. Mine was instant. Gahhh I miss her now… :frowning:

Lol that would have been hard to convince the insurance company if it went up in flames :smiley:
Is the float bowl sticking?