BLOODY IDIOTS (all of em!!)

You know what? I am REALLY trying to have patience with my fellow car drivers …although it is fading fast! Today on my way to work, my usual route and nothing drastic at 6:00am in the morning. Stopped at the lights at the bottom of Heathway Hill…lights change, I take off…

Passed first road on left of me, no problem, slowed to let a large van (that had pulled out on me from the right) all of a sudden turn left, no indicating (but what am i saying, why should i expect any different, after all, its only my life mate!), Right so now the road ahead is clear and i can see, cos idiot number 1 has gone, so on my merry way i go…and then i see idiot number 2 !!!

Now this complete and utter s**tfaced hole, saw me coming and pulls out a wee bit too far, and im thinking “yeh mate, im watching you and you MUST be able to see me” WRONG !!! Not only does the pk WAIT till im nearly on top of him before he pulls out completely, while im braking and thinking i wish i was a man cos i would punch him !! BUT he then realises what the hell hes done…and turns INTO the kerb, presumably to let ME pass, when i had right of way anyway!! By this time, because i had presence of mind to slow right down, he then had the effing nerve to indicate he was pulling away (indicate??? what for?? he’d already done the deed) THEN he put hes hazards on to say THANKS to me for letting him out ??? (where do they learn to drive?)

Anyway, peeps, ok by this time im pissed off with everyone and anyone and just want to get to work (for once!) and low and behold, idiot number 3 appears !!! A woman…oh well had to be one i suppose, with baby in buggy…does the classic (and one which to this day i can not believe)…wants to cross the road…waits…sees me coming along the road and pushes the baby out in the buggy FIRST…NOW…i dont know about you…but at that stage and for what had happened to me a few minutes earlier with idiots 1 & 2…i could quite happily HIT HER…and would NOT have had any pleasure in knocking her poor child out of the buggy and possibly killed or been killed !!! So once again i had to swerve and use my wits, at that time in the morning (although saying that, since riding bikes, i like to think way ahead of anyone in their car or indeed even other bikers, and concentrate on not only the person in front of me, but a few cars/bikes in front of them!) That brings to mind another time when a car waited till i was right on top of them before pulling out on me, this time i couldnt stop in time, but managed to slow down enough that i only “kissed” the back of their car…they stopped dead…i was fuming and made the woman pull over to the side of the road, cos i WAS gonna hit this b**ch!!, turns out she was a learner, who was ON HER WAY TO PICK UP THE PERSON WHO WAS GOING TO TAKE HER FOR A LESSON !!! You know what? i was so dumbstruck i left the stupid cow there and just got back on my bike, and was still shaking my head in disbelief, that i could have now been in a hospital bed somewhere while SHE was no doubt taking her driving lesson to try and pass a test that would put the likes of her back on the roads…in her case with or without her supposed experienced driver friend who no doubt couldnt be bothered to go and get her for her lessons that day !!!

SO i guess that was my three scares for the whole month, thankyou God !!!

Cheery message from me…


There…I hope thats made ya feel better…

yuck! Sounds like an evil morning! Just thank the biking gods that you have your bike at the moment and are not left sharing a smelly train with other people!

You know what Barro? you have a way with words…at the moment mate im still trying to get over the woman with the kid in the buggy !!! Oh she would have been ok, the kid dead and me? well, goes without saying dont it !! But yeh, thanks for the words …have a nice lunch??? ha ha.,…you should try our canteen…had better down the ace mate !! BTW, who IS that little lady that we all see following you around all doe eyed??? ha ha

Hey Matt? My luck? if i was sharing a train, they would probably be with someone whos coming home from a night out, and been sick near me !!! ha ha

Lady…Following me !!!..if you know something I dont then I,ll buy ya a better lunch than ya crappola canteen…

Tell tell tell !!!..

Sounds like you had a terrible journey. hopefully thats your share of bad luck out of the way for a while and you can enjoy riding your bike. Glad nothing more eventful than a few near misses happened to you. Always expect the unexpected though.

I hope your day improoves mate!

fsck i hope your day improves too. and fwiw i would have grassed on that b*tch driving around without a licence and without a licenced driver in the car.

goes to show you always have to expect the worst in this town.

Crappy tales of the world of idiots.

But look at it this way…

London idiots are doing us a favour…really…they are honing our perception and our reflexes to a knife’s edge…in fact our prescience is also being developed…we can predict idiots and their stupid errors EVEN BEFORE THEY HAPPEN…there is only one group of people with reflexes like ours…MotoGP drivers.

Well hey…try and find the positive eh…

i ride everyday from walthamstow down to victoria, and it never ceases to amaze me some of the things i see

I am still shocked when people who pull out into me, continue to do so without hesitation even when im frantically beeping or revving!

in fact, ive got now i barely use the horn, just get out of there asap…

I said this in another thread and it still stands…Treat them like obstacles mate, non indicating, silly U-turning, lane hogging, door opening, diesel leaking, pot hole making, ozone hole creating, mobile phone using, life taking obstacles… It makes the ride home all the more fun as long as you make it home

Good luck Blade hope your day is already getting better

I know exactly where your coming from mate, I do the school run everyday in a car and I come across those idiots who think they are alone in the roads and can do what the hell they want!!!

Yesterday on HAnger lane west, everyone is stationary at red traffic lights, they change and the small van in front does not more, no hazards light on, I beep once to alert him that the lights have changed… nothing! the drivers behind me beep… nothing. By then the lights have gone red, I get out of my car walk forward to see if the man is still alive… it turns out him and his mrs are having a moment…

He eventually moved, I am still in shock!

And don’t get me started on women drivers who drive the family’s big 4 wheel drives… taking over two lanes and going 20mph cuz they don’t want their hair messed up

Jules, you need to get yourself a red Ducati, no-one has so far messed with me on that!

Car wing mirrors are expensive, I keep telling you all that if you “accidently” hit one off the errant car it does wonders for their future attention!!!

Sorry to say this but that sort of idiotic driving makes me mad and it happens every single day to me. GRRR