Bloody icy out there tonight!!

Not long got in from work, the ride home wasn’t nice at all! Got out of work, ice and frost all over the bike, fuel cap frozen shut too. Roads were pretty icy, slowest ride home i’ve had in a while, back end was sliding a little bit.

Then when I got home had to wake dad up to help me get the bike in! We have a wooden ramp that we put out to get the bikes into our back yard, tried three times to get it up there, but the ramp was all iced over and everytime the back end went all over the place, thought I was going to drop it, so I backed down the ramp again to park up so I could phone dad, and with front brake on the bike slid all the way down the ramp and into the car parked in front of our gate!! Woops! :w00t: No damage tho!

Weathers still not looking good but going to go Southend tomorrow anyways! Better get some sleep now tho!

It was bad enough in the afternoon so I can only predict how shity was your ride :slight_smile:

Glad you got home safe;) Which I can’t tell about myself :stuck_out_tongue: