Bloody heck! Video

I came across this…

Absolutely blew my mind. Anyone know anymore about this story?

Hope the officer is on the mend.

Jeez… Guy didn’t stand a chance


What really gets me are the a**holes who just drive by as if everything is normal.

I can’t work out where this happened. Clearly the UK, but the video is so grainy I can’t see the road signs.

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That’s definitely a WTF moment. And yes the attitude of a lot of road users is it’s not my problem and drive on.

The UK has become a very self centred and selfish society in recent years.

Oof, that came out of nowhere. Very hard to tell from the video but it looks like he got away relatively okay? Good quality gear can make all the difference!

Wonder if the driver stopped?

I did some digging and apparently (if it is the same story) he got away with just a broken ankle!

Lucky, lucky boy.

I was trying to decipher how it happened, I’m assuming the car jumped a light?

Hope the officer makes a quick recovery and it is just an ankle injury

I think it was a light jumper. He’ll get a hell of a sentence though.

Hope he/she has lots of lubricant. It’s going to hurt.

Assuming that they were caught.

I would have thought that bus on the left had a camera on it, most do these days. I think there is a pretty good chance that driver was caught, or at least you’d hope.

Curtis with your training you know how this happened. The copper failed in his planning (he failed to plan for what he cldnt see eg. what was obscured by the HGV). The copper is trained to a higher level than that.

The highway code says don’t overtake on a junction. Roadcraft says the same plus plan for what you cannot see.

We’d get reminded in the ambulance by Traffic for overtaking on a junction.

Terrible crash, I hope the copper recovered :pray:

Serrisan the copper stood no chance only once he had put HIMSELF in danger. Overtaking on a junction wld get us stopped and possibly nicked.

He has also been trained to ‘plan’ in ways most of us have not. If his ‘observation’ was on point he wld be aware of the layout of that junction. That means he failed to ‘plan’ effectively or was complacent. The Roadcraft manual says that’s a NO!

I don’t know if he’d fail his Class1 for that overtake? Are there any Traffic on here that wld give their expertise?

There is a probability that the copper knows that road as he was on a Job bike and the road is on his manner. Human error on the coppers part for sure. I can’t say abt the car driver.

I hope that he is OK and the car driver get whats coming…:pray:

Could the copper have done more obs? No idea and far above my level of skill to comment on. The only advance riding skill I have is playing bowling with my bike as the bowling ball…

All I see is green light for copper and that direction of traffic, that means go… And that car seemed to come past at some speed.

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Serrisan I do agree with you. For whatever reason the car driver caused the collision (idiot/heart attack) and its easy for me to sit here and question what happened.

I feel for the copper and if my perception of what occurred is correct I think it was human error on the part of the copper and put himself at risk. Its the kind of error we civilians cld be expected to make.

The T.C’s (there-can-be-only-one) out there in LB land can impart advice to us all in this circumstance.

Ppl like T.C will have a very valid opinion but I’m not sure they will want to indulge us given the circumstances ?

From Giles Lamb

A lot of our riding plans, urban or rural, are based on ‘what can you see, what can’t you see what might you reasonably expect to develop’. In town your biggest risk of an accident comes from things you can’t see; hidden junctions, traffic you haven’t seen, unexpected manouvers from cars who haven’t seen you. In the picture below, look at what you can’t see here, not what you can. (Although the 6" of black bumper helps…!) Take away the Ped X and start filtering down the outside of the taxi. The white enterprise van has hiden the junction, now you’re off side of the taxi and he is hiding the black car, the black car is flashed out … Accident. Cure? 3 seconds ago I should have asked myself what can’t I see behind either of the white vans.

Also from Giles (same thread):

In the eighties I was dispatching in town. I had a kawasaki GT550 with a big barn door fairing on the front. One fateful day it was raining, people were rushing, and I was filtering past traffic coming down the Cornhill towards the Bank of England. I was passing a double decker bus in the stationary queue and an old gent walked straight out from the front of the bus into my path. He appeared, with the back of his head towards me, looking at the traffic coming the other way. I remember shouting out loud, not even having time to hit my horn. I hit him at about 20mph, and we both went sprawling. He was carted off in an ambulance, his leg broken and visibly swelling by the second. I had to stop myself from throwing up.
The police dismissed it, laid the blame with the pedestrian for not looking and I never heard another thing. Was it the old guys fault? I was young and lacked experience, and made a classic error of riding to what I could see, and not even giving a second thought to what I couldn’t.
When riding in town, constantly evaluate what you see, asking yourself what you can’t see, and who or what is lurking out of sight.

Whilst I agree to some extent about looking ahead and always being vigilant, it does seem much more of a different level of fuckup someone jumping a red and someone walking behind a bus, creeping our of a junction. The red is a very very clear breach of laws and you can’t ride all the time assuming everyone will break them that badly. You can try but there is only so much a brain can focus on and in this case the guy just seems to clearly jump a proper red at speed.

My worry is that if you start trying to find things the police could have done here, there is no accident where you can say it was purely the other guy’s fault.

As I said maybe their training says differently but I don’t think it’s feasible physiologically to maintain that level of concentration all the time. You probably find that the reason it doesn’t happen that often is because people don’t jump that many reds at a time a copper is riding past, rather than because of their observations

The last thing is that the video is very short so we may have missed something 3sec earlier.

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Again, I agree with what you say. You, a copper or myself cld get creamed from the rear whilst waiting at a red traffic light. There is little we can do abt tht.

I’m glad to engage with everyone one on an open forum on the subject (not this just collision) and invite coppers on here to give us the benefit of their experience.

We’re taught basics to pass our DoT driving/riding test like Mirror, Signal, Maneuver. We, well I was, taught not to overtake on junctions. I do it sometimes cause I’m human, I try to mitigate the risk and I was nearly caught out myself abt 4wks ago.

My input on here is to open the can of worms towards considering further training. Coppers(ex coopers) like T.C and Giles Lamb have so much advice for the rest of us. Its just a matter of joining a club, going out practicing exactly what we all love (riding) and being assessed every week.:sunglasses:

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The bottom line is, none of us wanna be involved in an accident and if we cld rewind time and then hit the play button and avoid the collision we all wld.

The training available to we civilians can avoid many collisions and negate the wish to rewind time. That’s if we stick to it!:grin::grin::grin: