Bloody fridays!

Riding into work this morning and when changing down gears my foot slipped off the changer??? I could see oil on my foot but assumed the best (That id stood in oil at the lights) and carried on carefully.

When i get to work my bike decideds to empty about half a litre of oil out of the starter cover onto the carpark :frowning: not what i needed at half 8 this morning.
But after a few phone calls I find a dealer which has a new gasket (pretty lucky to be fair as its an 8yr old bike). So I took a trip round london to pick it up. Fortunately one of the lads from work was kind enough to take me. And found myself passing Stacies tattoo shop :smiley: Now I know where ya are you cheeky gal i may come in for a new tattoo :smiley:

Its now fixed and Im ready for the weekend but jeazus for a second there i thought it was gonna be a nightmare.:w00t:

Lucky you weren’t on the motorway doing speed - oil could have coated your rear wheel with obvious quincyconces! Glad you got it fixed so painlessly :wink: