Bloody bus lanes.....

I received a letter today from Kensington for riding in a bus lane… I did it, no problem with that, but you should see the picture…

It’s on Hyde Park Corner where there are 2 bus lanes side by side, the picture shows 2 buses, both of them in the one and only “normal” lane, and me in the outside of the 2 bus lanes.

Why do buses insist on getting into “our” lanes when they have loads of their own to use??? Another £50 down the drain… Other than me and another bike, the bus lane is empty… Yet another “stealth” tax…

unlucky jelster the mci is challenging policymakers and transport experts who claim that allowing motorcycles to use bus lanes will lead to safety problems for motorcycle riders and other users of bus lanes.

several uk local authorities, including bristol, already allow motorcycles to use bus lanes. in response to a growing demand for bikers to use bus lanes in the capital, transport for london has been running three fully monitored experiments on key bus lanes in london.

when completed next year, the experiment will have run for three years and interim reports into the effect of allowing bikes in bus lanes has drawn mixed reviews depending on who has commented on the results.

those who oppose the use of bus lanes by motorcycles have seized on aspects of the data to support a case against motorcycles, with a new mythology about the safety aspects of the scheme emerging. in july, an answer to a parliamentary question by the minister karen buck contended that the number of accidents involving motorcycles into bus lanes in the experimental scheme had increased.

however, the british motorcyclists federation (bmf) analysis of the interim report challenges this new mythology by looking at external factors which have affected the experimental scheme. this reveals that extensive road works on the A13 portion of the experiment has affected the data, which if readjusted to take this into account reveals that allowing motorcycles to use bus lanes in the experimental areas has led to a 19.5% fall in motorcycle accidents.

mci’s director of public afairs, caig carey-clinch said; "other bus lanes schemes around the country have demonstrated the advantages of allowing motorcycles to use bus lanes as a way of easing accessibility and reducing vulnerability for motorcycle riders - without increasing the number of accidents.

"unfortunately, biking still suffers from a committed band of individuals and organisations who perpetuate the myth that bikes in bus lanes are dangerous, with these people prepared to seize on any data to support their argument, no matter how spurious.

“it is unfortunate that the minister karen buck did not check the data she was given to help answer a parliamentary question on the issue before becoming an unwitting agent of the anti motorcycle brigade. we expect far better from the government, particularly as the department for transport is to review its own guidance on the issue. we also await with great interest the final report on the london experimental scheme.”

Will I get me £50 back ?


“caig carey-clinch” is that a made up name??

Why am I getting an image of posh, public school guy who was good on the debating team but never picked for rugger?

Hard lines Jelster, but you’re taking it like a man. Good on ya.

post the photo mate

Mmmm … this could help …

Yeah, it’s bad luck dude!

DarrylJ … nice one for the article.

Didn’t the buses cut you up when they came onto your lane, so you had to swing into the bus lane to avoid being ran over? That’s how I remember it went down…

It’s a subject that is raised every month by London bikers with Ken on his regular appearance on BBC London radio station. Listening to him last night he was saying that he expects the results of a trial in Swiss Cottage (I think) to be made public in January and then said ‘expect some sort of announcement regarding this matter in the very near future’ (or words to that effect). I get the feeling that unless some half-wit councillor or MP who has nothing better to do than make a name for themselves doesn’t scupper things then it’s got to happen.

Unlucky on the Hyde Park Corner thing.

Have a good one.


Now, I have heard people say that all bus lanes in Westminster are now free for bikes, but cannot find any confirmation on their website. Can anybody confirm this? In my two years of riding, I’ve never been done, although I am regularly on the bus lane just before Parliament Square. I’ve never actually seen a bus there, not sure there is a bus route… Hmmm…

I only road I know of in westminster that allows motorbikes is the A41 between Swiss Cottage in Baker Street station. I know Marylebone road doesn’t allow bikes and that is in westminster. It would be unusually generous of the council when there is all that free money available from motorist.


I found out recently that if the parking attendants find a bike parked on the pavement with a covered plate they only have to call a supervisor to remove the covering before they issue the ticket. Those parking attendants don’t miss a trick when it comes to earning their argos vouchers.

its a real booger for me when I come up to town, I live in Reading and we are encouraged to use the bus lanes ! the idea of bikes in bus lanes being dangerous is not proving to be the case in our neck of the woods, but then we still have more than enough camera vans to take our money! ( BTW one of which caused a scandal by parking in a bus pull-in,preventing the bus’s depositing disabled folk safely onto the pavement! ,even though the pull-ins were purpose extended and raised for this the local “road safety partnership” still tried to claim they were entitled to flout the law!)

This was my latest buslane pic… … I usually stick really close to the line but as can be seen in the pic I had to get round the cyclist and I don’t really enjoy being close to the tyres on trucks !!..

P.S: I have since put on a tiny plate, integrated indicaters etc…

jus read thro, and firstly bad luck but secondly, is this just fotage from cct camera or speeding camera or what? do they trawel thro loadsa footage just to sting people with a fine? only asking cos i jump into bus lanes all the time… am i about to receive loadsa £50 fines?

I’ve been using bus lanes for ages and this is first time I have got nicked in like over 2 years. On Battersea Park Road they got this strange camera mounted that looks like it is used specifically for the bus lane.

At first I thought it was CCTV but it doesn’t seem to be… I have heard you can get nicked by the digital cameras on buses though so don’t ride in front of them !..

It certainly looks CCTV.

There are a network of CCTV cameras that use a programme to read plates which can it turn check against various DBs. Probably one of those

Don’t worry, when I’m PM I’ll outlaw them