Bloody battery or just bloody me!

Obligatory XKCD



And what would be the fix for said common fault

Rip out the canister and bypass it.

The manufacturers recommended battery for my Trident 900 was barely up to the job. In cold weather it always struggled or failed to turn the engine over more than a few times. I bought a higher capacity AGM and it was brilliant. Lasted 7 years. I’m on my second now, about 3 years old, never misses. My bike under a cover but on the street.

Fecker, going for the low CCA at 160 being the problem now its below 20c!! No issues through the summer, and to be honest didn’t look at CCA as was a recommended part for the 990. Varta replacement at 220 started up straight away.

Also, such a stupid place to have a battery…


That there is a key point. I got very good at removing the panel, attaching the booster clamps and putting everything back together in the morning. But it is such a faff!

Fingers crossed for you it’s the same as mine and the varta keeps going

When I had lead batteries, I added the anti-gravity jump pack harness and had it pop out first under the seat to make it a 10 sec operation.