Blokes and flower arranging.

It was Mrs. O’s birthday yesterday. And for once I remembered early enough for the card and so on. So did the kids.

O.K. so far, and I go and get some decent flowers, carefully matched for complimentary colours, while she’s at work. Arrange them in a nice Swedish glass vase so they’re waiting for her when she gets home.

Last time I do that. From here on in it’s either no flowers or present her with the bucket the flowers in are standing in.

So what is a bloke supposed to do with goddam flowers?

(Jetstream: I know this would be better with pictures!)

keh keh keh …took you how many years to draw that conclusion?

I get her a ready made pot of baby rose bush or something. Its the same concept as a take-away, beats my cooking any time :stuck_out_tongue: