Blocked PM

Not sure the right place but hey what can I do

Had a few emails from bods say’in that I had blocked them on LB as far as I can say no one is blocked not no one not a bod not a soul ( got the R ‘N’ B thing gonin on again)

Weird, I hope there’s not a problem. Let me know if it looks like messages haven’t been received.

no probs m8

You can kill a mosquito Mike! I don’t believe you would block people! You are only big and scary mate on outside mate!

Ops, better not show up in the bridge for a while!

No wurries m8 just had a few bods email me tell’in they’er blocked but hey what can I do

found problem LB dont like some off the things that sohpus antivirus and mail check dose to the settings on the browser prob turned off