Blind *****!

Was sitting at my mates place yesterday afternoon and suddenly heard little bang and my bike alarm going off. Ran outside to find out that some ****ing blind whore reversed over my bike. All cosmetic damage but the bill is over £1000. Now I have to go through all this hassle just because that ****ing tart could not look over her fat shoulder when reversing 5 meters.
feel a bit cheesed off…

People like that should lose their driving licences. My condolences mate.

Fella, been there done that and it’s a real downer

But take solace in the fact that a) you caught her and b) you can get all the little bits that were worn fixed.

Now come on, you should think of her. She may need therapy after and incident like that. After all I should imaging you camoflaged your bike in a street setting so that it blended in like…well…a bike. Poor lass, how can she look out for your bike whilst reversing, turning on her iPod and yakking on her mobile.

Have some thought!!!

Lol. Hope you get it sorted soon.

ouch!! hope you get it sorted soon fella!

not nice. hope you get it sorted soon.

Sorry to hear the news mate! I hate peoples shear lack of attention sometimes!

Sorry to hear this. Obviously her mirrir was still adjusted so that she could apply polyfilla while on the move. Hope you get it sorted and back to a nice pristine condition at her expense.

It happens. My brothers wife knocked my bike over. She still feels guilty, but it is an old bike (18 years) and such is life. It is only a material possesion, not a living creature. You are not hurt and she will have to pay to get it repaired. Hope it is done quickly and well!

Damn, bad luck trinoo As Mini Mo says, it’s a chance to get everything refreshed on the bike. Start preparing those receipts.

Rubbish luck matey - my boss did the same thing to me 3 weeks ago!


Bad luck, had it happen to me twice in 2 years. First time bike was parked a street away (my road was being resufaced) and silly tart backed in to it, knocked it over then just drove off, someone saw her but didnt get the number, luckily all had happened was the forks were twisted in the yoke and a broken mudguard. The second time white van man literally drove over it while pulling in to a parking space, thankfully I was awake and sped after him in bare feet (had clothes on) screaming “I’ll fung kill you, you basd”. Funnily enough he didnt then stop but I got his number and a witness so waiting for a cheuqe to cover the indicators, side stand, crash bung, mirror and rear seat unit. Dropped it a Donny two weeks later but thankfully only a single panel was damaged as the rest will all be getting paid for by someone else .

unlucky tony, get her insurance rinsed, what a dopey bitch

Well spoken to my insurance company few times and she has told her insurance company that it is all her fault and they will deliver me a replacment bike for the time that my bike has to be in garage.


Nice one Trinoo, its the kind of pain in the ass you could always do without