Blind Spot Mirrors

Might be useful, especially for those like me who cant see past their fat asses.

hmmm, might be useful for somebody else with a fat ass that I know.

Well if it’s fat asses then surely these would be better…

I’ve got them on my X9 and find them helpful.

However, I had the wedge-shaped ones from Halfords on my previous maxi and found them much better.

I hope your not referring to me

I know somebody with a much fatter ass than you, lol.

haha its not that fat mate

That’ll be me, then! Ho hum… just means I bounce better

Tis true about bouncing better, altho anything over 70 and the ol ‘bingo flaps’ start flapping and ive got to slow down before i take off!

more flesh to drag along the tarmac