Blimey this is a hard website to use!!

Hello again everyone!

Have just had to re register cos I put in my username pinkVFR and my password and computer said “NO”! It didn’t recognise my username so i went to re register and it computer said “NO”! cos it’s already got my e mail address so I’ve had to re register with a new e mail address! Plus I’m finding it really hard to navigate thru these forums. I’m probly just too blonde for this site. It’s definately not as easy as riding a bike!!

Anyway Happy Valentines everyone!

Your as daft as i am.:smiley:

Hi and welcome again;):smiley:

Just out of interest, there’s a pink VFR and a pinkVFR registered on here. The secret is in the spaces;)

Isn’t there a “I forgot my password” button you can press?:slight_smile:

Anyway, you are here now, enjoy:cool:

Cheers for that. Thought I’d tried every variation of my username. Anyway as you say I’m here now. Just looking forward to getting out for a ride. Feels like months since I had a decent ride out. Any of you into track days?

There are a whole load of Trackdayists on here and we do have a dedicated trackday section.

Keep an eye out for Exclusive Londonbikers Trackdays later on;)

Hello there and welcome…:smiley:

Welcome aboard :slight_smile:

You’re not as daft as JohnP though, trust me :smiley:

Is it coz u is pink ?:slight_smile:

Your not the only one. Hi and welcome:)