Bleeding brakes, literally!

I’ve just spent the afternoon trying to fit new Goodridge braided front hoses to my K5 and am now completely fed-up, devoid of any motivation to finish it. I knew before I undertook this task that it required the right technique, and I’d thought I’d got that from a friend after we fitted the rear one yesterday together.

The lines are attached, all bolts done up tight, bleed nipples closed and the reservoir has been filled up with new fluid. I was using a friends technique of sucking air out of one of the caliper bleed nipples by using a large syringe. This has got LOADS of air out, but the never hasn’t changed, it’s completely slack still, despite much pumping.

What am I doing wrong, it surely shouldn’t take this long just to bleed one line? (I’m using the superbike setup, one line for each caliper). I feel like just riding it (very slowly) to the dealer and getting him to finish it. I even bought one of those one-way Motrax speed bleeder things, but it was useless, so a tenner wasted.


Well the obvious answer has got to be that air is still in the system, the unobvious bit is how it got there… I’ve had a few probs and heard a few symptons for this problem… one thing that has caused air in lines is too tight dust covers that cover the pin that goes into the cylinder… it creates a vacum and pushes air in… this isnt your problem though… I would suggest taking the whole thing off ya bars and holding it high and then bleeding them (need a friend to help)… this is what me and a dealer did when we just could get the tightness back in the lever… worked wonders… I guess your also not bleeding the fluid all the way through so that the res is dry and the hose opening visible… which would let air in… (i know… but its worth mentioning ) lol

Thanks Floyd. I have a new technique to try tomorrow, will finish it then, one way or another

dude, Ive fitted braided hoses to my bike before and never used any kit (syringes or otherwise).

how are you going about the process?

It’s all done now, what was confusing things was an air-lock in the top nipple area (the K5’s have a nipple on the master-cylinder as well), once that was bled, things firmed up nicely. By the way, using a syringe really speeds things up, we did no pumping of the lever, except a couple of times after each suck, just to firm it up.

I can feel a ‘brake bleeding’ guide coming on at some point.

I have tried several ezi bleeds but found nice big syringes worked best for me, also, it can be very handy to tap the hoses as you suck brake fluid through - small air bubbles can get caught on the inside of the pipe and ignore the flow past - until they get freed up and expelled with a little tapping

Yeah I’ve done a couple of lines now, most recently on my DRZ 400, that was a piece of cake and took about ten minutes. Filled the reservoir up, got a syringe and blew fluid UP through the line from the caliper, when there was pressure there I reverted and started drawing out air through the caliper. Pump the lever every now and then, and all done. I think blowing the fluid up the caliper initially does most of the work, I’m happy!

Hi Jay can u put a pic up of how your brake lever sits, thanks.



take a look at this form some bleeding advice

Pretty interesting read, thanks fella.