Blatted by a B King - how fast?

Monday evening - Sutton - pull up to the lights next to a B King - he drags off the line, I’m a bit slow - wouldn’t have mattered if I’d been quicker tho’ cos that 1 seriously quick sickle - Superbike sticker and loud pipes - wheelies the length of the one way bit, chucks it in and dissapears - serious rider, seriously quick bit of kit!

Place me truly in well put.

Are you still Dekerf :unsure:

Wish people would announce when they change their username :Whistling: :smiley:

Yes those B-Kings are Busa Busa fast :laugh:

Hi Afro, was Dekerf now Stripled - did post up under general yesterday - ‘name change shenanignans’.

What d’ya mean you don’t read every single thread…

He He :hehe:

So are you gonna get a B King then? :Whistling: :satisfied:

Well, would be tempted by the performance but 235kg a little on the heavy side for me!

Nevber really noticed them before, always thought they were style not substance - but 181 bhp and 108lb torque is a lot of substance!

Supposed to be quicker that a hedgeabuser over a 1/4 - just been looking them up.

Now, lighter pipes, wheels, junk some plastic, it’s an idea…