BladeTot Visits Burton On The Water

Burton is nestled somewhere in lower middle englandshire and I can recollect times i went there as a little kid on family outings or when we had overseas visitors. It’s idyllic england for me.

I had to deliver a pint of p!$$ to my new employers as part of the recruitment process to see if I’ve been a naughty boy and pilled myself up over christmas. It’s a long way to go for a checkup, but the detour was well worth it.

Loughborough to Gloucester could be done in so many ways; A512, M42, M5 - BORING

So i decided to take the A46 through stratford (on avon - not east london), then along the A429 then A417. Man there were so many brilliant sweepers in the cotswolds! I guess it’s time for me to book myself onto a track day so i can have a controlled environment to have fun on! But, highlight of the day was ending up at Burton, parked up by the stream and had myself some wicked pasty which was a minature full english on pastry! Nice; reminds me of my childhood!

Anyway, I thought i’d share the fun with you guys.

Pics were taken on a K800i and no, i wasn’t bothered changing the presents.


Nice pics dude - I love Bourton and get out there on a few rides most summers although does get VERY busy with the Truimph brigade LOL

Little bit of trivia for you - that bridge in the last picture was where I got down on one knee and proposed to my now wife 8 odd years ago :wink:

Aaawwwww! ;):smiley:

Nice pics Titz - looks like something out of ‘Lovejoy’. :slight_smile:

Me and Mark was around there today playing on the lovely roads, then lunching in Gloucester. :smiley:

Nice pics Titz :smiley: … Can’t say nice titz :stuck_out_tongue:

We stopped here



That’s wicked Milleman!

It was pretty nostalgic. I still remember growing up and going on family trips. Imagine a 10 year old kid walking through the model village and visting brum as well as that model shop looking at 00 gauge trains… only to be distracted by a bunch of power rangers burbling through on gixxers and exups!

Took the pics so i can send em to my folks back in indonesia - it’ll make them feel a bit homesick because we used to love the cotswolds. It’s a shame i only had my mobile on me since i could get much better results with my digicam - that said, i feel for treating myself to a superzoom camera for my birthday next week. :stuck_out_tongue:

Thats impressive getting your knee down on that bridge, weve tried many times as the scratches on the riverbed will testify.:slight_smile:

I can’t wait until i’m down there permanently. The amount of awesome roads in middle england is definitely worth it. That said, with me being in loughborough, i’m already spoilt for choice with good roads; but yeah, there’s something definitely enchanting about the cotswolds.

Mind you, i stopped for a quick drink at Stratford on my way down and discovered that it’s still full of greebos and emos; just as i remember it. I’d lke to be able to walk down the street without some bellend going “brap” or “blud, u got a lite!”.

Yeah, it was a good day, and a good spur of the moment choice to take a detour!

Nice pictures. Looks like a lovely place. Noted as somewhere to go. Thanks:)

Amazing photography… did you do much post-processing on those or is this how they came out of the camera?

I was there on Saturday. Lovely, shame about all the other ‘tourists’.

Crackin pics mate !

You forgot the filters mate:):slight_smile: quick play around but seems it is compulsory for this post lol:P



Yuck, it doesn’t quite cut it with my photo :crazy:

The Javlin (aircraft in the background) looks aweful.

he he… well it’s been painted:) but could play around except that here I don’t have Photoshop I have GIMP… similar but not the same… that little difference enough for me to get lost in it:)

Actually I would like to know what Titz is using… for that effect so I don’t kill myself trying to find out…

Could be wrong, but I think that’s an HDR filter…

I though that too but wanted to make sure… since people can get effects by mixing layers and different layers with different filters the combining them…

I assume this was a quick job since he has quite a few photos… so HDR filter might be it:) I will try it too…

oooo is this where ya go hunting for big boobs :stuck_out_tongue: